This pages contains links I like to reference to on Azure IoT. I’m adding new one as soon and find new and interesting ones. I hope they can be useful to someone else as well.

AZ-220 GitHub Labs
Microsoft Learning Path

Latest updates:
Internet of Things Show (by Olivier Bloch)
Deep Dive (by Pamela Cortez)

Learning Paths and Labs:
Azure Sphere Developer Learning Path
Processing IoT Data in Real Time using Stream Analytics and Machine Learning

Architecture and Scenarios:
Cosmos DB with IoT scenario step-by-step

Workshops and Hands-On-Labs (HOLs):
This content is more for delivery a training on Azure IoT in classes with practical tasks.
Internet of Things Cloud Workshop HOL
Securing IoT Edge end-to-end Workshop HOL
Azure IoT Edge Workshop
Connect IoT DevKit AZ3166 to Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Tech Community
Windows Developer for IoT

More to come …

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