About Me

My name is Pietro Brambati. I’m an old developer – my photo is black & white -, architect and a family man. I have been working as Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft in Data and AI area with a special focus on IoT.

I’m a passionate developer ninja.  I like working with different kind of languages and framework, working on different size applications, scaling from mobile device apps to large, enterprise-ready applications. I have been working with Microsoft for 20 years where I had the opportunity to work with developers, the academic community and the biggest customers and partners.

In the last few years I worked with amazing customers and partners on cutting the edge IoT and Industrial IoT projects both on Cloud and on the Edge.

Because my passion and the work is currently all about IoT, I’ve decide to create this small blog publishing what I think it could be useful to some developers and architects in IoT space. I’m a bit old after all, so a blog seems yet a good idea for whom is interested on a specific topic. I hope this helps.

My first computer was a marvelous Commodore 64.

During my spare time I like play with my daughter that was the original inspiration of this simple game: Paint 4 Kids.

This blog, its content and opinions are my own.

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