Node-RED Connector for Azure IoT Central

If you are using Node-RED for your IoT projects and need to connect to Azure IoT Central, you can use the Node-RED Connector for Azure IoT Central to make it simple to connect and at the same time leverage all the features of the IoT Central from Node-RED.

The connector is available as a standard Node-RED contrib into the gallery.

Node-RED Gallery

Those are scenarios currently supported:

  • Authentication: SAS, X.509 (PEM certificates).
  • Transport: MQTT, AMQP, HTTP.
  • Send telemetry (D2C).
  • Receiving commands from IoT Central
  • Desired Properties ( from IoT Central to Device ). The device can read and be notified.
  • Reported Properties ( from Device to IoT Central ). The device can write those properties.

The code of the Node-RED Connector for Azure IoT Central is available is on GitHub with some samples flows here.

I will make some more posts on with details on how to use with different scenarios later on.

Connector sample

Node-RED is a well know programming tool used for both prototyping and production. It comes already installed on some device. Its graphical User Interface makes it easy to develop on devices using node that simulate code like math functions, or more specific hardware oriented functions, it also enable to easily interact with sensors using the same mode of node, like for example in the image the node Sense HAT represent the Sense HAT for the Raspberry Pi device.

Azure IoT Central is the SaaS solution from Microsoft, enterprise ready, scalable and secure. It’s easy to use to create a real Cloud IoT solution with Dashboard, rules (for example activate an action if temperature goes over a certain threshold), analytics, the possibility to connect real and simulated device and more on that features.

Happy coding!

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