IoT Edge with TPM and Azure Security Central for IoT

Recently I’ve spent quite a few time trying to test a Linux VM where I wanted configure a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and then install Azure Security Central (ASC) Agent for IoT. For testing the scenario I needed an IoT Hub and an IoT Hub Device provisioning service (DPS). Looking at different articles in theContinue reading “IoT Edge with TPM and Azure Security Central for IoT”

Node-RED Connector for Azure IoT Central

If you are using Node-RED for your IoT projects and need to connect to Azure IoT Central, you can use the Node-RED Connector for Azure IoT Central to make it simple to connect and at the same time leverage all the features of the IoT Central from Node-RED. The connector is available as a standardContinue reading “Node-RED Connector for Azure IoT Central”