I don’t see any data in IoT Central – how to troubleshoot

If you are working with IoT Central and you are connecting a real device, could happen that you don’t see any data arriving to IoT Central. You have probably imported or created a device template and now you are trying to send some data, like temperature, from your device, but your dashboard look empty, no matter how long you are waiting.

So what’s is going wrong? What is arriving (or not) to your IoT Central app?

Well, one solution is to use the monitor-event CLI command. For using it you need to first find your App ID in your IoT Central, that you can find under Administration, Your application, Application ID, as in the following image:

Now you can use the CLI, from a command prompt or from the Azure Portal. First logging in:

and finally running the real command:

Now as soon as you start sending data to that IoT Central App you will see the json payload:

In my case I see that the temperature json name is “temperatura” in Italian, but probably it’s not what it’s expected, so let’s look at the device template:

What the IoT Central App expects it’s a json data name “Temperature” and not “temperature” … oh the devil is in the details as usual for us as developers. So changing the C code from my device:

I’m finally see the data coming into my IoT Central App!

I hope it could help someone!

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